Zombie Tools Vs. Defenseless Beer Cans

ZombieTools.com is an actual website, you guys. It is a thing that exists in this world.


Zombie Tools is a group of dudes in Missoula, Montana that “formed under the auspices of the trickster god Loki, bound together by a common passion for blades, science and art. And beer. And metal music. And beer.”

Okay. I’m listening. Go on…

Since 2007, our company has grown from a 500 square foot shop littered with beer cans, playing cards, and porn to a 3600 sq. ft. shop littered with beer cans, playing cards and porn. We now have 9 guys working full time making swords in Missoula, Montana, a fact that still kind of fries our gourds. We’ve now put a couple thousand blades into the world, from Alaska to Alabama, Tromsø (Norway) to Tasmania.

Want to see their handiwork in action? What does this have to do with beer? Just click on the videos below.

Those beer cans didn’t stand a chance against that sweet Apokatana blade!

Killer Zakasushi, bro!

(Do not fear, all of those cans of PBR have been emptied of beer and replaced by water. I know you were worried. I sure was.)